Below you will find all flavors of cheese made at September Farm available for online purchase.

Honey Brook Mild Cheddar
Honey Brook Mild Cheddar Our mild cheddar cheese is aged approximately three months.  Creamy mild...
Medium Cheddar
Aged approximately six months. All the Cheddar cheese at September Farm is hand-waxed.   Cheese...
Honey Brook Sharp Cheddar
Honey Brook Sharp Cheddar All of our cheese is made from the freshest milk available.  Aged 1 year...
Honey Brook Smoked Cheddar
Honey Brook Smoked Cheddar For folks who love smoked cheese; you'll love this cheese! Try serving...
Honey Brook Horse Radish Cheddar
Honey Brook Horse Radish Cheddar We use ony freshly prepared horse radish for a distinctive fresh...
Chili Pepper Cheddar
Honey Brook Chili Pepper Cheddar This is our "hottest cheese." Chili peppers and seeds add spice to...
Robertson's Select Cheddar
Aged at September Farm for 2 years. All the Cheddar cheese at September Farm is hand-waxed.  ...
Honey Brook Extra Sharp Cheddar
Honey Brook Extra Extra Sharp Cheddar. Distinctively sharp and aged for 3 years. All the Cheddar...
Honey Brook Jack
Delicious mild Monterey jack cheese! You can taste the freshness!   Cheese Shipment & Delivery...
Pepperoni Augusto Jack
Our most popular Monterey jack cheese. Full of flavor, we add pepperoni, garlic and oregano and...
Chives & Dill Jack
This is our award-winning cheese:     2009 American Cheese Society Award, Second Place Winner    ...
Garlic and Basil Jack
A perfect compliment to every Italian dish and delicious with crackers. Family favorite. Also try...


Honeybrook Cheddar is characteristically a full-bodied cheddar with buttery notes and a creamy finish. Our Artisan cheeses are made from fresh milk, made directly from milking to the cheese vat and cave-aged to perfection.

Made in small batches, Monterey Jack is a washed curd that produces a moist and creamy cheese with a buttery finish indicative of cheese produced at September Farm. We blend them with herbs and seasonings to expand our flavor profile.