Honey Brook Mild Cheddar
Handwaxed and aged approximately three months. Creamy, mild, and distinctively farm fresh.
Honey Brook Medium Cheddar
Handwaxed and aged approximately six months. Creamy with notes of cheddar sharpness.
Honey Brook Sharp Cheddar
Handwaxed and aged approximately one year. One of the most popular cheeses we sell. 
Handwaxed and aged approximately two years.
Very distinctive, this yellow cheddar adds color and sharpness to any dish.
Super sharp, this cheese is an amazing treat for cheddar lovers.
Symphony Cheddar Cheese
An orchestra of flavor elements composed into a Grand Symphony. The result is a perfect harmony of...
Garlic and Dill Cheddar Cheese
This cheese combines roasted garlic and the fresh taste of dill weed with our Honey Brooke Cheddar.
Horseradish Cheddar
In this cheese, we use fresh horse radish for a distinct, fresh taste.
Maple Smoked Cheddar
Authentic maple cheddar naturally cold smoked at September Farm.
Super hot and sweet. This cheese has some fire!
Muffaletta Cheddar
This distinctive cheese is made with a blend of olives, garlic, and olive oil.
Selected by the owners, this cheese is cave-aged to perfection and available in limited quantity.
Honey Brook Smoked Cheddar
This cheese is especially for cheese lovers who like it smoked.
Horseradish Bacon Cheddar
This cheese combines the flavor of fresh horseradish with bits of bacon.
Chili Pepper Cheddar
Chili Pepper Cheddar is aged with chili peppers then rolled in extra peppers before packing.
Dusted in chipotle cheddar before packing, this is our cheesemaker's favorite cheese!
Apple Cinnamon Cheddar
 Perfect for the fall and holidays, this cheese has the taste of apple pie and cheddar cheese.
Cave Aged Cheddar 8 oz
Premium cheddar aged in our cave under perfect conditions. Creamy and sharp.
Bacon Smoked Cheddar
Our smoked cheddar with the addition of bacon.