Wood Fired Party Basket
This basket includes the flavors of wood fired pizza, lobster, sharp cheddar, mango, and more!
Sweet and Savory Snacks Basket
This winning combination of delicious, unique snacks is the perfect addition to your party! 
Large Sampler
Large Sampler Box includes 4 bars of cheese, Lebanon bologna, honey mustard, and a cheese wire.
Small Sampler
Small Sampler Box includes 3 bars of cheese, lebanon bologna, and a cheese wire.
Jack in a Box
Our top four selling Monterey Jack cheeses and a cheese wire wrapped up in a lovely wooden box.
Four Ages of Cheddar
Enjoy our fine selection of aged cheddar cheeses.
Pretzels & Cheese
Pretzels and Cheese Gift includes three bars of cheese, pretzels, and honey mustard dip.
Pennsylvania Farmhouse Breakfast
A Pennsylvania farmhouse breakfast of bacon, smoked sausage, ham, and pancakes with maple syrup.
Farm Favorites
The Farm Favorites Gift includes a mix of cheeses, bologna, snacks, and an insulated cooler bag.
Farm Favorites Deluxe
Farm Favorites Deluxe includes 5 cheeses, 4 meats, a variety of snacks, and an insulated cooler bag...
Fancy and Festive gift basket
This handsome handled basket is full of specialty items to satisfy and say, "Celebrate!"
Chester County Fox Hunt
Load up your favorite basket and have a picnic with this assortment handpicked by the owner's wife.
Lancaster County Cheer
This welcoming gift is full of some of Lancaster County's favorites.
College Student Care Package
College students will love this package! Fresh cheese curds, pretzels and beef sticks.
The Horse & Buggy
Plenty of farm fresh cheese curds and a few local favorites for your sweet tooth.
Sunday Brunch
Brew some September Farm coffee and enjoy biscotti, pancakes, bacon, and maple syrup.
Gouda Wheel
A small wheel of our Dutch Style Baby Gouda
Biscotti and Jam
This homemade gift is nonperishable and is great for traveling and easy shipping. 
Mouse and Cheese
Handcrafted mouse-shaped cutting board, your choice of one 8 oz bar of cheese, and a cheese wire
September Farm Gift Cards
Gift cards make a great gift anytime! Redeemable in-store at September Farm or over the phone.
Mini Zak Bowls
This set of four colorful mini-bowls is dish washer safe and perfect for condiments.