Monterey Jack

Strawberry Jack Cheese
This cheese has all the goodness of jack with the addition of fresh strawberry flavor.
Chives & Dill Jack
This cheese is an award winner at the American Cheese Society and the Pa. Cheesemaker's Competition
Honey Brook Jack
Taste the freshness in this delicious, mild Monterey Jack cheese!
Joy's Tomato Basil Jack
Sun-dried tomato and basil flavor this cheese bearing the name of the owner's mother and daughter.
Pepperoni Augusto Jack
With pizza ingredients like pepperoni and oregano, this is our most popular Monterey Jack cheese.
Pizza Jack
Light spice and pepperoni are added to this cheese along with hints of onion and red pepper.
Garlic and Basil Jack
This cheese is a perfect compliment to Italian dishes and makes a nice melt for meatball subs.
Jumpin' Jack Jalapeno
Jalapenos make this fresh, creamy cheese a customer favorite.
Smoked Jalapeno Jack
The unique combination of smokey flavor and jalapeno peppers make this cheese a special treat.
Salsa Jack
Laced with the flavors of onion, peppers, and tomatoes, this cheese compliments Mexican dishes. 
A lovely blend of chives and onion add delicate flavor to Spring Onion Jack.
Harvest Jack
This cheese will delight you with a unique blend of herb and vegetable flavors.
Habanero Jack 8 oz
The addition of habanero pepper makes this cheese super hot!
A light addition of cranberry and orange zest make this cheese a holiday star! 
Hot Pepper Jack
The flavors of jalapeno and red pepper blend perfectly in this zesty cheese.