September Farm Cheese

Below you will find all flavors of cheese made at September Farm available for online purchase.

September Farm Aged Gouda
Authentic Dutch-Style Gouda aged to perfection in our temperature and humidity controlled cheese...
September Farm Baby Gouda
Traditional Dutch-style baby Gouda. This cheese is a pleasantly young Gouda. Makes a wonderful...
Honey Brook Mild Cheddar
Handwaxed and aged approximately three months. Creamy, mild, and distinctively farm fresh
Honey Brook Medium Cheddar
Aged approximately six months. All the cheddar cheese at September Farm is hand-waxed.
Honey Brook Sharp Cheddar
Honey Brook Sharp Cheddar All of our cheese is made from the freshest milk available.  Aged 1 year...
Honey Brook Smoked Cheddar
Honey Brook Smoked Cheddar For folks who love smoked cheese; you'll love this cheese! Try serving...
Pizza Jack
This is a cousin to Pepperoni Jack. A hint of pizza flavor with light spice and pepperoni added....
Aged Swiss
Bacon Smoked Cheddar
Our excellent Bacon Smoked Cheddar For folks who love smoked cheese; you'll love this cheese! Net...
Garlic and Basil Jack
A perfect compliment to every Italian dish and delicious with crackers. Family favorite. Also try...
Chili Pepper Cheddar
Honey Brook Chili Pepper Cheddar This is our "hottest cheese." Chili peppers and seeds add spice to...
Habanero Jack 8 oz
The addition of the habanero pepper makes this cheese super hot. One of our hottest cheeses. Net...
Smoked Jalapeno Jack
This cheese is a delicious combination of smokey flavor and jalapeno peppers.
Spring Onion Jack 8 oz
A lovely blend of chives and onion.
Muffaletta Cheddar
Try our National American Cheese Society Award winning Muffaletta Cheddar! Our delicious hand-cut...
Honey Brook Jack
Delicious mild Monterey jack cheese! You can taste the freshness!
 Maple Smoked Gouda
This cheese is smoked in-house and is always a customer favorite. Apx 8 oz.
Plain Cheddar Cheese Curds
Tasty Fresh Cheese Curds, now available in four flavors! This delicious cheese is our "fresh...
Robertson's Select Extra Sharp Cheddar
Aged at September Farm for 2 years. All the Cheddar cheese at September Farm is hand-waxed. Net...
Chives & Dill Jack
This is our award-winning cheese:     American Cheese Society Award, Second Place Winner
Horseradish Cheddar
Honey Brook Horse Radish Cheddar We use ony freshly prepared horse radish for a distinctive fresh...
Harvest Jack 8 oz
A unique blend of spices will surprise you with this delicious cheese. Net weight 8 oz. Cheese...
Orange Cranberry Jack
This Monterey Jack Cheese says Holidays! A light blend of cranberries and surprising orange zest....
Joy's Tomato Basil Jack
The name of this cheese is quite significant to September Farm as it bears the name of the owner's...
Jumpin' Jack Jalapeno
Monterey Jack cheese is fresh and creamy. Jalapenos make this cheese a favorite of many customers....
Chipotle Cheddar
Dusted in chipotle cheddar before packing. A little heat and creamy cheddar in one bite. This is...
Honey Brook Extra Extra Sharp Cheddar
Honey Brook Extra Extra Sharp Cheddar. Distinctively sharp and aged for 3 years. Nearly all the...
Six Year Extra Sharp Cheddar
Net weight 8 oz
September Farm Amish Butter Cheese
Cheese Shipment & Delivery Information
Salsa Jack
This very flavorful jack cheese is packed with all the delicious flavors found in salsa, peppers...
Apple Cinnamon Cheddar
Our Award-Winning Apple Cinnamon Cheddar Cheese. We make this cheese in a 20lb block and add apples...
Pepperoni Augusto Jack
Our most popular Monterey jack cheese. Full of flavor, we add pepperoni, garlic and oregano and...
We have added blended olives and a hint of garlic to produce this authentic muffaletta cheese. Apx...
Inspired by a visit to a quaint cheese shop on the owner's anniversary, this tropical cheese has...
*New Flavor: The savory taste of Cumin makes this the most popular flavored Gouda in all of Holland...
Nettle Blend Gouda
This blend of herbs boasts amazingly fresh herb notes. Nettle is an herb with many health benefits...
Cave Aged Cheddar 8 oz
Premium cheddar cheese aged to perfection in our temperature- and humidity-controlled cheese cave...
September Farm Baby Swiss
Cracked Black Pepper Gouda
Our baby Gouda, perfected blended with fresh cracked black-pepper. Apx 8 oz.
Wheel of Baby Gouda
Handcrafted classic wheel of Baby Gouda. Treat yourself to an authentically shaped full wheel of...

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