Cheese Making

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Cheesemaking 5 days a week! Monday-Friday

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Louella Our Gouda Girl :)



Our team packaging cheese:

Packaging Cheese

Our current cheese vat:


Here are some photos of us making cheese with our cheese vat from Holland.

5:00 AM: Milking started

6:30 AM: Fresh, warm milk is pumped over into the cheese vat.


7:30 AM: Pasteurizing the milk.


8:30 AM: Setting the milk, addition of culture and rennet; then checking for clean break


9:00 AM: Cutting the curd.


9:30 AM: Cooking the curds from 88 Degrees to 100 Degrees


11:00 AM: Draining the whey


11:15 AM: Beginning of "cheddaring" process & making a channel for the whey to drain.


11:30 AM: Beginning to cut cheddar slabs


12:00 PM: Slabbing and stacking the "Cheddaring" stage



12:00 PM: Checking titratable acidity


1:00 PM: Milling slabs and salting curds

2:00 PM: Packing into 20 lb. hoops


2:30 PM: Preparing for press (40lbs of pressure)


There it is!

The cheese-making process takes an average of about 8 hours each day. Since we start at 7:00 AM, we are usually done around 2:30 - 3:00 PM.


Next day: Cheese is vacuum packed and placed into aging room

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