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Do you run and restaurant, bar, or retail store and need a fresh new idea for your menu? When you are looking for the best cheese curds to offer, September Farm has what you need. Why not serve your customers a deliciously squeaky fresh curd that will keep them coming back for more?  Our curds are carefully hand-made freshest milk from our farm in Southeastern, PA and are a delight to all who try them. We offer lots of delicious flavors both breaded and unbreaded.

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Flavors Of Bulk Cheese Curds

We sell all our cheese curds wholesale to all kinds of establishments looking to offer a truly delicious option on their menu. We offer 9 different flavors of our cheese curds that your customers will love!

Original Cheese Curds

These are the pure bite sized pieces of cheddar cheese curds before they are aged.  These curds are a simply delightful snack or deep fried appetizer. 

Bacon Horseradish Cheese Curds

These two flavors blend wonderfully together. We pair the slightly tangy flavor of horseradish with rich bacon flavor to make a delicious duo. 

Bacon Smoked Cheese Curds

Enjoy the rich combination of smokey bacon and cheddar cheese curds.  Our bacon smoked cheese curds are a real treat!

Cajun Cheese Curds

These curds pack that spicy heat that can only come from the deep south. This flavor is one of our long-time customer favorites we’ve been making since 2006.

Garlic Dill Cheese Curds

This flavor pairing features the bright and sweet notes of dill with robust garlicy goodness!

Harvest Ranch Cheese Curds

For all of those out there who like ranch on everything, our Harvest Ranch cheese curds will not disappoint. For that herb-creamy goodness paired with cheese, you will want to try these out.

Old Bay Cheese Curds

While most people thing of using Old Bay seasoning on seafood, it also goes super well paired with delicious fresh cheese curds!

Roasted Garlic Cheese Curds

Enjoy the earthy savory flavor of roasted garlic with delightful squeaky cheese curds.

Tomato Basil Cheese Curds

Love deliciously pungent Italian inspired flavors? You will love our tomato basil curds which nods to the refreshing taste of a Caprese salad. 

Wood fired Pizza Curds

Who doesn’t like the taste of a real wood fired pizza? That’s the profile we’ve got packed inside these curds. 

Breaded Cheese Curds

We offer all flavors breaded and ready to fry.  This is a super popular option for restaurants who need deep fried curds.

Bulk Cheese Curd Production Process

1. Pasteurize Fresh Local Milk

We start by pasteurizing the freshest milk from right here in Honey Brook, PA so that we can guarantee the most fresh, delicious cheese curds possible.  Honey Brook got its name from the original settlers to the area who noted the particular “sweetness” of the local streams. 

2. Fermenting The Milk

We ferment and coagulate the millk using all natural starter cultures and rennet and thats it.  This natural process guarantees the rich pure and clean taste of our curds.

3. Cutting And Cooking The Curd

When the time is right, we cut the curd right in the vat with our large curd knives into quarter inch cubes.  Next the curd is cooked to firm them up by releasing excess whey.

4. The Cheddaring process

Once the curd has been sufficiently cooked, they knit together in a large mass at the bottom of the vat.  Next we use a large knife to cut the curd into large slabs which are stacked and continue to realease way.  Finally, the slabs are cut using a curd mill and they end up in finger sized pieces that are salted or flavored and ready to be consumed. 

Video Of Our Bulk Cheese Curd Production Process

How To Get Bulk Cheese Curds For Your Business

1. Fill Out The Quote Form

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2. Recieve A Sample

We will reach out to you with a quote and be happy to provide you with a sample of our cheese curds. 

3. Place Your Order

If you like the curds, you can place your order and enjoy the satisfaction of serving happy customers!

Why Get Bulk Cheese Curds From September Farm?

September Farm is a family owned business

We are a family owned business that is fully committed to your success as a business and the delight of your customers. We are priveleged to live and work on some of the best land in America and are delighted to share our craft with you. 

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We Offer Some Of The Best Cheese Curds Available

Customers are always satisfied with our curds. Whether you are deep frying these curds or serving them fresh, your customers will always ask for more.


“The cheese curds are to die for!!”

Nancy V

The September Farm Cheese Curds were excellent! We tried several varieties and they were all very tasty.

Judi McDowell

Love them. Have to push the bag away so you don’t eat them all!

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