September Farm Yogurt

We believe that yogurt should be wholesome and delicious, and not fake and full of unnecessary fillers. That is why we are pleased to offer you simple and natural whole milk yogurt from our farm to your family.

Features Of September Farm Yogurt

Made WIth Fresh Whole Milk

At September Farm we make our own all-natural yogurt with locally produced, quality Grade A milk. We have crafted a whole milk yogurt that is both delicious and nutritious! Because it is rich in protein and lightly sweetened with natural cane sugar, our yogurt is a healthy treat that you and your family can enjoy every day.

Made with real fruit

Our fruit-flavored yogurt is made using real fruit in our yogurt processing facility. So pick up a cup, grab a spoon, and enjoy perfection in every bite! Try all of our delicious flavors—plain, blueberry, honey lemon, peach, raspberry, strawberry, and vanilla. All our blended fruit is made fresh right here on our farm!

Made with low sugar

Our yogurt is lightly sweetened with all-natural cane sugar, with only 7 grams of total sugar per serving size. Our low-sugar plain yogurt has no added sugar.

Made with All Natural Ingredients

  • No artificial sweetener
  • No artificial flavorings
  • No food coloring
  • rGBH Free Milk

All Natural Yogurt Flavors

All Natural Vanilla Yogurt

6 oz

32 Oz

All Natural Blueberry Yogurt

6 oz

32 Oz

All Natural Strawberry Yogurt

6 oz

32 Oz

All Natural Raspberry Yogurt

6 oz

32 Oz

All Natural Lemon Honey Yogurt

6 oz

32 Oz

All Natural Peach Yogurt

6 oz

September Farm Yogurt Peach Flavored

32 Oz

All Natural Plain Yogurt

6 oz

32 Oz

How September Farm Yogurt Is Made

We Start With Fresh Local Milk

We pick our Grade A milk up fresh from a neighboring farm. This allows us to process our products in many cases shortly after the cows have been milked. “You can’t get it any fresher than that!”

All of our milk is sourced from one herd of cows that is just steps away from our processing facility. When we started, we milked our own dairy cows with our children right here at September Farm.  As our business and processing grew we made the decision to  purchase our milk from a neighboring farm.  What hasn’t changed is the fact that we process local  milk from a herd of cows feeding on locally produced crops and drinking pure (Honey Brook) water. Our crystal clear SWEET water is how our town of Honey Brook derived it’s name!

We Ferment The Milk

Our yogurt is fermented the slow natural way, a lot like the yogurts made in Holland using real live starter cultures.  This method not only maximizes flavor it also provides live probiotics in the yogurt for maximum gut health.


We Add Real Fruit Flavoring

There aren’t any gimmicks in our yogurt when it comes to flavoring.  Our fruit flavoring is made right here on our farm using real fruit. It’s a lot of work, but we feel it’s evident in the flavor of this premium yogurt.

We Fill The Yogurt Cups

The yogurt cups are carefully filled and sealed using our custom made Yogurt Cup filling machine. (Imported from Israel!)

Where To Buy September Farm Yogurt

Our line of yogurt can be purchased at our store location in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania, or you can ask for it in your favorite grocery store. We offer our yogurt in quart (32 oz) and single-serving (6 oz) containers. Our Yogurt is found in more and more stores every year.  Here are some local stores that carry our yogurt.

Stauffer’s Of Kissel Hill, Pennsylvania

Central Market, Texas

About September Farm

September Farm Cheese was established by our family in 2007  on our existing dairy farm.  Our first cheeses were Monterey Jacks as well as several flavors of Cheddar Cheese. As our business grew we have added to our product line including our all natural low sugar natural yogurt.  While our business has seen a lot of growth in recent years, our family has remained completely committed to offering the best-quality, most delicious dairy products possible.

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