September Farm Wholesale Yogurt And Cheese

September Farm provides artisan wholesale cheese and wholesale yogurt.  Our products are distributed in the tri-state area as well as mid-western states. It can be purchased directly from our plant and shipped to your location, or you may choose one of our distributors.  Whether you own a restaurant, small business, or manage an institution, September Farm would be honored to serve you with some of the best yogurt and cheese fresh from our farm in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Wholesale Cheese

Our cheese is produced on site and is available in Cheddar, Monterey Jack, fresh cheese curds, frozen curds for deep frying, and yogurt cheese. A large selection of other hand packed cheese is also packed for wholesale. Private labeling is available for some products. All cheese is pasteurized and made with whole milk, sourced from a local farm. A great deal of attention is given to packaging and hand waxing of select cheddars. Cheese is available in over 30 flavors and is packed in 8oz. bars, 1lb. size, and 6 lb. loaves for slicing or repacking.

  • 100% natural
  • Handmade and waxed
  • Simple fresh ingredients
  • Consistent quality

Wholesale Cheese Curds

Whether you own a retail store or a restaurant we offer cheese curds that will delight your customers. We can provide you with retail packs or bulk bags for your convenience.

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Wholesale Yogurt

Wholesale yogurt is a fast-growing division of September Farm. The whole milk yogurt boasts low sugar, high probiotics, and all natural ingredients. The real fruit filling is made in house, and our milk is sourced from a local farm. Our blended yogurt is available in seven flavors, and is packed in 6oz. and 32oz containers.

We proudly serve restaurants, institutions, grocery stores, markets, and many small businesses. 

  • 100% natural
  • Made with real fruit
  • Low sugar
  • Made from local farm fresh milk
  • Available in 6 oz and 32 oz containers

For more information on wholesale and pricing and products, please call us us or fill out our wholesale request form.