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Take your time and browse through our farm made premium cheese, snacks, gift sets and more!

It’s been an uneasy year for you, so we think you deserve to be treated royally. Look around, see what you love, assemble you own gift set. Make someone feel special, select gift sets with tastefully assorted goodies. You’re “in-store” for some wonderful September Farm Experience. We understand that it’s getting bit inconvenient to go out and shop like good ol’ days. But we also understand and value our dear customers, therefore we’re making it easier to shop. We made a dedicated customer favorites products page. Here you can shop for your favorite cheeses, gift baskets, snacks and more. Best part, you can do this at your comfort.

Of course, we’re open and excited to see you in person as well. That’s the point, whether you’d like to come in and shop or get it done online, we will be delighted to help either way.Check out our tastefully assorted gift baskets full of cheesy goodness and a whole variety of September Farm products. Scroll down, shop around. Contact us if you have any questions!

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