Robertsons Extra Sharp Cheddar 8oz. bar


Hand waxed and aged approximately two years. Our premium Robertson’s Select Cheddar is extra sharp

Approx. 8 oz.


Robertson's Select Cheddar

Hand waxed and aged approximately two years.”

Hand waxed and aged approximately two years. Naturally sharpened with age. Enjoy the sharpness! Melts wonderfully when used for cooking.

Sound the bagpipes! Don your kilts! Here comes the Robertson Cheddar! This cheese lines up first class every time. We start with a lovely two year aged cheddar. It is sharp, slightly nutty, and always notable. Your guests are sure to be talking about this cheese. Serve this on your cheese board with grapes, some light crackers, and a selection of tasty mustards.  It also melts wonderfully when used for cooking.

The packaging tells a bit of our Scottish heritage story. The plaid label features the Robertson Red Modern tartan. Robertson is Dave’s mother’s maiden name, and this label is in honor of the Robertson family, particularly known as florists in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia’s Garden District.  The combination of reds and blues in the tartan pair beautifully with the unique purple wax coating the cheese, making it an extra special bar of cheese for gifting. 

Robertson Cheddar is our number two most popular cheese!

Juli K.

“You cannot believe how much more intense the flavor is in  well-produced, small batch cheese.  The extra sharp cheddar made me pull in my cheeks with it’s tangy zip.”


It’s All In The Packaging: Hand Waxed Cheddar

Cheddar cheese is aged from three months to three years with longer aging time producing sharper cheeses.  All of our cheddar cheese is packed by hand, taking forty pound blocks out of aging and cutting them into eight ounce bars.  Much time and attention is given to the cheese at this time.  We enjoy making homemade cheese balls and spreads with our cheddar cheese that is trimmed.  These trimmed “ends” are also available in our retail store at a discounted price.  Cheddar cheese then moves into the waxing area where every bar of cheese is coated in clear wax and then two coats of a colored wax.  Each colored wax identifies a different type of cheddar cheese.  The wax dries very quickly, the bars are labeled, and ready to go for sale.  Our Robertson’s Select Cheddar is waxed in a purple wax.

Cheddar history

Cheddar is the name of the cheese, the name of the gorge in England where this cheese originated and the name of a step in the make procedure that differentiates this family of cheeses.

  • Color: Ivory or orange with the addition of annatto, a flavorless food coloring from the fruit and seeds of the Bixa Orlleana tree from Mexico and Central America
  • Texture: Dense and smooth, more elastic when young, becoming more crumbly with extended aging.
  • Flavor: Mild when young, becoming sharper with age.
  • Typical Composition: 39% maximum moisture, 50% minimum milk fat solids.
  • Performance Characteristics and Applications: Melts well, aged cheese ideal for cream soups and sauces. Slices and shreds well for use on sandwiches or as a topper for hot or cold appetizers and entrées. Popular in pizza blends.


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