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Cheese is a timeless go-to thank-you gift. While Velveeta and American cheese might be refrigerator staples, quality, farm fresh, beautifully packaged blocks of cheese are usually not.

When September Farm started making cheese in their kitchen back in 2007, it took them little time to realize that the product itself was the best form of advertising. When the Rotelle family set off in their camper for a family vacation, the camper fridge was well stocked with all their favorite bars of cheese. They handed out bars of cheese to all the kind people they met along the way. Campground staff, fellow campers . . . it soon became clear that September Farm cheese was a wonderful way to say “thank you.” Perhaps it was for this reason that so much care and attention was put into the hand waxed bars, colorful, with artistic labels and creative and unique flavor combinations.

Short on time or creativity? The team at September Farm has done the hard work for you in curating beautiful baskets and sampler boxes combining cheese with delicious accompaniments ranging from Lancaster County meats, mustards, and pretzels, to homemade baked goods, and handmade cutting boards. Find the perfect gift for your clients, employee, or loved ones. We will package and ship your gift directly to their door.

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The Pretzels & Cheese gift has been a favorite of customers for years. The combination of pretzels and cheese is a Lancaster County staple, and this gift gives you the opportunity to share not only three bars of your choice of September Farm handcrafted cheese, but also hand rolled, Lancaster County hard pretzels, and a jar of sweet honey mustard.

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Make A Statement That’s Anything But Cheesy

Make A Statement That’s Anything But Cheesy Amplify your gift with a personalized message. Every gift message is printed on high-quality stationary and carefully packaged inside your box of goodies.

Specify your gift message at checkout.

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Years ago I was driving alone from a wedding ceremony to the reception when I failed to yield to the oncoming traffic in a major intersection. The result was a head-on collision with a bright blue pickup truck and we sat in the middle of the intersection while the wedding guests all filed past. I tried to keep myself pulled together despite the whiplash, humiliation, and trauma, but I was in tears. Several minutes went by when a middle aged couple from the wedding—mere acquaintances—kindly stopped to give support and oversight. They acted as “mom and dad,” helping me exchange insurance information and answer questions by the police.

I was so blessed by their kindness that day, I felt overwhelmed by a desire to bless them in return. How does one thank “the Good Samaritan”? My choice: a thoughtful thank you note and a small sampler box from September Farm Cheese.

– Joy Rotelle

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