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September Farm Gourmet Cheddar Cheese

Our Honey Brook Cheddar lineup includes some impressive and award winning gourmet cheddar cheeses, including mild, medium, sharp, 3 year cheddar, 6 year cheddar, and even a ten year cheddar. Each bite of our handcrafted cheese tells the delicious story of a family farm in Chester County and its "sweet water".

Honey Brook Cheddar | Our Gourmet Cheddar Cheese Story

How It's Made | Outstanding Gourmet Cheddar Cheese

The grass that the cows eat and the water that they drink are the key to producing milk for outstanding cheese. The first settlers of Honey Brook said that the water of the nearby stream tasted sweet and thus the area was known as the “Sweet Stream”. Later it started to go by its Anglicized name “Honey Brook”. We believe that our cows drinking the water sourced from the sweet local stream are at least part of the reason that our gourmet cheddar is distinctively delicious.

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Our Gourmet Cheddar Cheese | The Process

First, Start With the Best Milk

Great cheddar cheese starts with really good milk. Fortunately, our local cows right here in Honey Brook provide ample supplies of some the best milk you can get. The first step in making gourmet cheddar cheese is to gently pasteurize the whole milk in our large vat. Treating the milk gently is key to preserving natural enzymes and complex flavors that are otherwise lost in large scale industrial operations.  

At September Farm, the milk is slowly heated to the required pasteurization temperature and then dropped down to proper fermentation temperature for the next phase. 


Ferment, Set, Cook, and Cut The Curd

The curd is “set” by adding natural cheese culture enzymes and microbial rennet to the milk.  Overtime these good and healthy bacteria will transform the fluid pasteurized milk into a somewhat solid gelatinous mixture.

Once the curd is firmly set, we cut it into cubes in place in the vat. At this point the curd cubes will begin to release excess water known as whey.  The curd is then gently cooked to encourage it to continue releasing whey. Cooking the curd is a delicate process where the temperature is increased from 90 degrees to 102 at a rate of 2 degrees every 5 minutes.

Aging The Cheddar Cheese Blocks

Once the slabs of cheddar have released the correct amount of whey and have reached the proper ph level, the slabs are milled into fresh cheddar cheese curds. Salt is then added and the curds are ready to be pressed into large blocks. These large blocks are then sealed in special bags and placed in our aging rooms. The blocks are carefully monitored over the months and years of aging.

Did you know the longer cheddar cheese ages, the sharper it gets?

Wax The Gourmet Cheddar Cheese

When the cheddar cheese is ready to be packaged, it is removed from the long term storage and cut into 8oz. sized bars. We then hand wax the individual bars of cheese. Wax is a natural and attractive way to preserve the bars of cheese. This makes an excellent presentation for gifts or entertaining guests! If your travels should bring you to Honey Brook, come visit September Farm where you can watch us wax signature cheddars. 


Ready To Purchase Some Gourmet Cheddar Cheese?

Here are some of our most popular Honey Brook Cheddar cheeses that we produce right here on the family farm.

Mild Cheddar

This creamy and mild cheddar cheese is aged 3 months.  For those who do not enjoy sharp cheeses, this one is a good introduction to the world of gourmet cheddar cheese.

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Medium Cheddar

Our Honey Brook medium cheddar cheese is aged around 6 months and is just starting to show signs of a delightful sharpness.

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Sharp Cheddar

This cheese has been a clear customer favorite since 2007. This delicious sharp cheddar is aged approximately 1 year. 

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3 Year Extra Sharp Cheddar

This distinctive Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese is a perfect upgrade to any dish that needs a extra tang. It won the Best in Cheese : Pennsylvania Cooking Light Taste Test awards in 2012. 

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6 Year Extra Sharp Cheddar

This is a super sharp cheddar and shows its age well! If you love sharp cheddar, you will love relish every bite of this aged beauty!

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Flavored Gourmet Cheddar

If you enjoy flavored cheddar cheeses, we offer a lot of other unique options for you to enjoy. From smoked to bacon horseradish, chili pepper to chipotle there is something for everyone in our unique collection. 

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About The Rotelle Family

Dave and Roberta Rotelle have a long history in the gourmet food industry. After starting an award winning dairy in Honey Brook, PA, Dave decided to try his hand at cheesemaking eventually founded September Farm Cheese in 2007.  

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