Large Sampler


  • Your Choice of 4 / 8oz Bars of Handcrafted Cheese
  • 8oz Lancaster County-produced Lebanon Bologna
    • 100% delicious smoked beef and spices
  • Bavarian Mustard
  • Handy Paring Knife


Chives & Dill Jack 8 oz. bar


Garlic & Basil Jack 8oz. bar


Honey Brook Jack 8 oz. bar


Joy's Tomato Basil Jack 8 oz. bar


Pepperoni Augusto Jack 8 oz. bar


Mild Cheddar 8oz. bar


Medium Cheddar 8 oz. bar


Sharp Cheddar 8oz. bar


Smoked Cheddar 8 oz. bar



Large Sampler

Large Sampler Box includes 4 bars of cheese, Lebanon bologna, Bavarian mustard, and a paring knife.

I have always admired great packaging and am drawn to “pretty gifts.” I love packaging and bows and totally believe people buy with their eyes.

I was excited for our first Christmas at the cheese shop on the farm. We had our sampler boxes the very first year. They were tied with a plaid ribbon and topped with a sprig of fresh greenery! – Roberta Rotelle

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